Water has always been the navigating force propelling the development of countless civilisations since time immemorial. Like the flow of water through the passage of time, Cheong Hock Guan (CHG) Water Heater Centre Pte Ltd is constantly moving forward in ceaseless and tireless pursuit of the purest and most distinctive quality. CHG had its humble beginnings in the 1950s and half a century later, we have matured into the preferred and trusted household brand for up to three generations of families in Singapore.

Through the years, people are our source of inspiration and the cornerstone of our success. We have fostered strong ties and forged mutually-beneficial working relationships with a broad spectrum of customers and partners. With our firm commitment in maximising consumer satisfaction and the focus on human resources as the key for harnessing business potential and empowering market growth, we strive to better understand, anticipate and serve the changing needs of our valued clientele.

In today’s rapidly evolving world marked by a flux of fluid changes, expectations are perpetually on the rise and it has become a norm for discerning consumers to look beyond surface value to seek solid assurance in the mark of professional accreditation.

We know it is no longer sufficient to declare that we employ stringent quality checks on all our 707 water heaters and comply with the highest safety standards set by the British (BEAB), the Singapore Productivity Standards Board and the Singapore Public Utilities Board.

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